GoDaddy vs. Cloudways : What is better?

Web Design Concept: Computer Keyboard With Web Hosting

A client noticed his customers complaining about his slow website, so he called H. Grant Design.  During a discovery call, we learned that they use GoDaddy for hosting. The results below are what GTmetrix revealed in terms of page speed and loading on GoDaddy’s server.

We suggested moving the website to CloudWays where the performance and site load would be stronger. Upon moving the website to CloudWays, the time to load the website was reduced from 20 seconds to just 3 seconds. We added Breeze, a caching plugin, in addition to other fine-tuning steps. We will continue to refine our content and tools to make the site load even faster.

We highly recommend using Cloudways for any web hosting needs. If you need your site speed to increase, we would love to assess your toolset. Contact us for a consultation.

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