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When it comes to getting your hacked WordPress site fixed, entrusting the task to H Grant Designs is a wise choice. Their team of experts possesses a wealth of experience and a proven track record in efficiently and effectively restoring compromised WordPress websites.


Your Website Being Down Hurts

A hacked WordPress site is a nightmare for website owners and visitors alike, primarily due to the profound negative consequences it can have. Firstly, a hacked site can severely damage your reputation and credibility. A hacked site poses significant security risks, as hackers may steal sensitive information, such as user data or payment details, putting your users at risk of identity theft or financial loss.

Additionally, search engines like Google may penalize your site's ranking and display security warnings to users, further decreasing traffic. The cleanup and restoration process can be time-consuming and costly, disrupting your online presence and business operations.

Overall, a hacked WordPress site not only jeopardizes your website's functionality and user experience but also threatens your brand's integrity and financial stability.


Benefits and Features

Fixing the Hack

H Grant Designs will find the hacks, tell you what happened, and what we did to fix it. We also send documentation on what you should do to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Turn around time

While having your website hacked and being down is not ideal, we do our best to get the website cleaned within two (2) business days.

Ongoing Support

Once the website has been fixed from being hacked, we offer to manage the website for you, to help prevent this from happening again. We do thorough daily backups, and we will also update the website under our care plan. This care plan comes with free malware removal.

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