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Your logo is more than just a symbol and an idea, it's your company. H Grant Designs in Bergen County can make sure every detail about the design of your logo- from color to font size -is perfect before sending it off into cyberspace for good! We also help businesses across America stand out by creating logos that represent their unique brands.

Why Is A Logo Important?

Your logo can be a powerful tool for conveying your message to potential customers. Your brand must stand out from the others in order to attract new business, and it is crucial that you let consumers know what makes your establishment unique so they will not hesitate when choosing where they want their next cup of coffee or favorite meal! So why don't we show off those things about our restaurant make us different? Letting them see how wonderful our logo design looks on social media pages as well as other places like advertisements are surefire ways to get more people into buying.

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Grab Attention

As our attention spans continue to shrink, companies can only hold a potential customer's eye for about two seconds! This is where an expertly designed logo comes in handy. It quickly grabs their attention and leaves them with a lasting impression of your company's core values.

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Strong First Impression

Your logo is a business's first impression to potential clients. It can be your company’s best chance of standing out and gaining new customers, so it should start strong with an eye-catching design that will leave them wanting more information about what you offer.

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Brand Identity

If you want your brand to stand out in the crowd, then it's important that you get a logo designed. If logos are what people remember most about successful corporations like Nike and McDonalds, imagine how much they'll appreciate yours?


When you partner with us to design your logo, our talented team of graphic designers will work with you closely in order to get a good idea on what image represents the company and its values. In addition, we provide insights for creating new logos or renovating old ones.

Our logo design process includes:

  • An initial interview with you to understand your business’ goals and mission.
  • Review sample logos and get feedback and any logo ideas you may have that you love.
  • Industry-specific research to make sure your logo is unique and stands out from the crowd.

Happy Customers

Super helpful! Thank you!!! - Gertie Kawleweski
Gertie Kawleweski
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I want to thank H Grant Designs, LLC for the professionalism and quality that I received on my computer issues. I made a last minute emergency call to the CEO of this company to fix my computer as I encountered a virus and I use my computer for work. As ...
Michael G
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Howard is always there for you right away and really cares about his work. - Sal Reina
Sal Reina
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Howard is extremely responsive and makes himself available as quickly as possible!! - Kathleen DeParis
Kathleen DeParis
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Great service. Professional and responsive. Howard certainly goes above and beyond. - Michael Ruzhansky
Michael Ruzhansky
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I came to HGrant Designs a few months back in need of computer help. I am not the most computer-savvy, but in just minutes the problem was solved. Something that was stressing me out for days and weeks was instantly fixed without any issues. They also helped with the installation ...
Stuart Kovacs
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Who We Are

H Grant Designs is a tech company focusing on Website Design, IT, and Graphic Design Services to help Bergen County, NJ businesses who want fast, quality, and personalized services. We believe in a personal approach. Our clients are always our number one priority, which is why we take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and voice to develop a truly optimized online presence. Our team of experienced professionals will work in close collaboration with your staff to ensure your utmost satisfaction, which is the single most important measure of our success.

A very high amount of time, resources, energy, and expertise go into designing a professional logo. It’s true that logos are simple, but that does not mean it is an easy process to design a logo. In fact, the simplicity factor can make logo design more complicated as designers try to capture a brand’s entire messaging and vision and translate it into a tiny photo or single image. A professional logo designer will then test the logo they have developed on many different surfaces, from the website to business cards. If they find it doesn’t look good on all mediums, it’s back to the drawing board! An often-surprising fact about logo design is that the actual design only takes designers a few hours. It is the research behind the design, as well as hundreds of ideas and alternate logo designs, that take up a huge chunk of time. This process is known as a design funnel—the more ideas that are thrown into the top, the better chance for a successful result. A skilled logo designer will take the time needed to understand the company’s vision, style, what attributes they are searching for in a logo, and much more.

Logo design varies from customer to customer and logo designer to logo designer. A designer will take into account a customer’s goals, needs, and hold a design briefing to come up with a quote for the logo design.

With a custom-designed logo, you will receive a professionally designed logo. You will also receive ready-made, industry-standard files for use online and digitally. Your logo will also be protected by a custom legal contract that transfers the design’s full legal rights to you.

Will you print your logo on business cards? Paper? Billboards? Physical goods? There are tons of mediums where you can print your logo— and it has to perform on all mediums! This means it’s essential to consider where and how your logo will be displayed so you can choose the best colors and formats. For example, a logo on a billboard needs to be large enough to quickly get the point across and be able to be read. You wouldn’t want any fine text or anything that takes time to read while people are zooming past in their cars from yards and yards away. H Grant Designs’ professional logo design team ensures all logos are vectorized so that you can use them in any and all mediums. It’s a good idea to request vector-based graphics. We understand it can be tempting to ask for a complicated illustration for your logo. But, unless you only plan on using your logo online, a JPG simply won’t cut it. You need a properly drawn vector design in SVG or EPS or any other compatible format to ensure your logo is flexible and multi-purpose.

If you’re ready to get started with a professional logo design, contact H Grant Designs today. Our Bergen County logo design services help small business owners in the Bergen County area and beyond cultivate their branding, which enables them to communicate effectively and grow their audiences— both on and offline. When you trust H Grant Designs as your go-to Bergen County Logo Design Agency, you guarantee a team that is devoted to helping you stand out and support you so you can get back to working in your business. Contact us today, and let’s get started building you an amazing, professional logo.

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