Catch errors on your site before your visitors do with the help of our powerful WordPress Analyzer tool.

Let us help correct those spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and broken links.

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A Beautiful Site Needs Error-Free Content

A successful website is only as good as its content. The design can be visually appealing, but if there are numerous broken links or grammatical mistakes, visitors can quickly lose confidence in your business. With our WordPress Analyzer tool, we can periodically scan your website to make sure that your customers won't be distracted by errors.

Benefits and Features

  • Spelling Errors

    Our scanner will scan your whole website and look for spelling mistakes. 

  • Grammatical Errors

    Our scanner looks for common grammar errors and we will then present them to you.

  • Broken Links

    Our scanner will look for broken links on your website. This includes pages that you might have deleted, links to other websites, or pages that don't work.

We’ve found the errors. Now what?

H Grant Designs is your go-to expert for top-notch WordPress support services. We’ll use the analyzer’s scan report to fix any issues identified before someone else spots them. Once resolved, we can run another scan to make sure nothing was missed.

Our passion for WordPress, with its vast array of features, is matched only by our commitment to seamless maintenance. Trust H Grant Designs to keep your WordPress website in impeccable shape.

Wordpress Support

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What Our Customers Say

Kaethe Shunkwiler Ward

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H Grant Designs has been a lifesaver in setting up our new website as well as the continued web support. The owner, Howard, is extremely responsive and provides valuable feedback to our needs. He is knowledgeable about the specifics of the industry and helpful in sharing that information with us.

Kristin Zouras

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I had 2 people stumped at what was going on with my website so I found Howard on FB in one of my business groups and he went in and fixed the problem in about 2 minutes. I would highly recommend and use the company again!

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