Businessman working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface

Case Study February 20020

A client approached us about managing their technology and operations. Their computers and servers were outdated using equipment & technologies from 2017.


Case Study March 2019

A client expressed their current WiFi was unstable and the switch and ISP modem were located in a drop ceiling. They also experienced issues with QuickBooks aborting.


Case Study January 2019

A potential client approached us about their server, firewall, and a PC which needed an update.


Case Study December 2018

A client came to us with an issue regarding his email and server. He said he wanted to move away from his current setup and move email to Office 365. He had 4 exchange email addresses.


Case Study December 2018

A client expressed a need to access all of her files on multiple devices without using any cloud services In addition to file viewing, she wanted a cloud-based and physical backup storage platform.


Case Study November 2018

A client came to us in need of an IT specialist. The client needed guidance to assess their technological tools and help move toward a path where all systems would work correctly.