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Your website is your presence online. A well-designed, professional website can draw new customers, impress potential clients, catch an employer's eye, or increase your subscriber base. A dull, boring, or poorly structured website will do just the opposite.


At H Grant Designs, we know the power of a great website - and we create them for our clients every day. Whether you're an artist, an online retailer, a charity, small business owner or anyone else, we can design a website that will help you reach your goals.

Our 4 Step Process

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  • Assesment

    Before we can begin work on the best website you've ever had, we need to learn about you and your website needs. What are your goals? What role should your site perform? Who is your audience? What do you want them to do? We also need to know your starting point. Do you own your own domain? Do you already have a site, or are you starting fresh?

    All of these questions will help our team determine to build your new to site to exceed your goals and expectations. Unsure about what you want your site to do, or even where to begin? Relax, and let H Grant Designs help you figure that out.  It's all included in our FREE consultation.

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  • Proposal

    Once we've discussed a plan for your new web presence, we'll provide you with a detailed quote. At this point, we'll also review any details and questions you may have since the initial consultation.

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  • Beta Site

    Once the proposal has been accepted, construction begins. We will build your new site using all of the latest technology to ensure optimum performance with a professional-quality visual style. This is the stage where you will see how the site will look, what it is expected to do, and much more. During this phase, we want your feedback and will collaborate to meet your needs. If anything seems out of place, this is the best time to address it.

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  • Launch

    When your site is complete, there will be a final review session before it goes live. Get ready to reap the rewards of a fantastic web presence designed to generate leads, build a subscriber base, gain branding recognition, or whatever goals your site was designed to achieve.

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