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Living Kneads

Living Kneads

This website was fun to build but tricky due to client wanting to show it as a “high end” massage place. We first started with a layout and then started adding in different images that the client supplied. However, some of them showed peoples feet, which we did not think meshed well on the website. …

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Glen Rock Police

Glen Rock Police This website had many issues before we took it over to restructure and manage. The old website was flagged by antivirus software as “fraud attempted on site”  and users could not view the content. The site also had no SSL on it.  The old content was very clunky and had too many …

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Abma’s Farm

Abma’s Farm The former website had multiple issues when we first started managing it for them. The former site had a custom-themed design without mobile-friendly pages. There were custom post types (CPT) that would not work well with other functionality we wanted to implement. Fortunately, a group decision was made to rebuild the entire website. …

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Lana’s Limo

Lana’s Limo This client’s website needed an upgrade of content and layout. Our team transferred the domain name and migrated the email to Microsoft Exchange. This client had a strong need to speak with customers, so a live chat feature was implemented. This interactive feature proved to be critical for securing new appointments and reservations.  …

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Pascack Historical Society

Pascack Historical Society This website was an upgrade and content overhaul. The client expressed the need for additional content to be displayed in a simple format. After updating the content, we added new calendar events and the ability for visitors to make donations through PayPal. Click here to view website


Elm Grove Lutheran Church

Elm Grove Lutheran Church This website was definitely a challenge for us. They offer a daycare center, church services, and a K-8 school. Our first step was mapping out the old site and seeing what we could combine to make the site smaller. Once decided, we had to figure out a way teachers could upload …

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Project Able

Project Able This site was fun to build and allowed us to help a local charity. Project Able helps individuals  with disabilities to find a job. H Grant Designs built the site and showed the client how to manage and maintain the site. We love to use our skills to make a meaningful impact in …

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Best Blast NJ

Best Blast NJ This site has quite a rich backstory. The client was working with a website developer who suddenly vanished. While waiting for the completed product, the domain name was purchased by a different person. Thankfully our team is familiar with domain registrations and ownership which spared this client the headache. We built the …

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Shades of Soho

Shades of Soho This website was a simple upgrade from, which is a developer platform. Since it was running on dated technology, it did not have a mobile site. We upgraded to WordPress and added a chat function with the ability to send photos through the contact form.  Simple features like this help our …

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Meyer’s House of Sweets

Meyer’s House of Sweets This site was an upgrade from Magento, an ecommerce platform, which the client had trouble navigating and updating. The client has a robust  e-commerce presence with over 300 products and custom shipping options. With our upgrades, the client has the ability to modify and manage  their products and content. To make …

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