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With a seamless blend of code and content, WordPress is the world's top CMS, featuring versatile features and integrations to suit any business. The team at H Grant Designs can help you streamline and scale your enterprise with a robust, audience-focused WordPress website, expertly crafted by our skilled developers and designers.

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A Web Platform to Power Up Your Business

A 24/7 business card. Promoting your brand. Attracting new customers and converting more leads. WordPress makes all of that happen.

Making WordPress Perfect for You

Although WordPress is user-friendly, it still requires setup, strategy, and coordination. Enter H Grant Designs.

  • We’ll help you craft unique, responsive website that enable your marketing goals.
  • We’ll save you time and frustration by finding the plugins and integrations that work best for your business.
  • We’ll help you develop an SEO-rich site that looks great to human visitors and search engines alike.

Our Services

Whatever you need, WordPress-wise, we're here to help you refine and grow your digital brand presence.

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Web design trends change every year, although some elements are classic. We'll strike the right balance between aesthetic and functionality, ensuring that every visitor to your site has a great experience. Plus, we'll align the user-friendly theme with your visual brand to help solidify your digital presence!

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Even though WordPress is relatively easy to manage, there are still a lot of tasks to juggle, from updates to the plugins, theme, and WordPress itself to basic content management and continual SEO. Let us take all that off your plate with our WordPress management services.

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Need to offer WordPress services to your clients? Save time and benefit from our expertise, so you can focus on what you do best. H Grant Designs is happy to handle your clients' WordPress maintenance and design needs, 100% under your brand.


At H Grant Designs, we love to show off our work and recent experiences.

At H Grant Designs, we love to show
off our work and recent experiences.

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Why H Grant Designs?

We consider design to be a form of visual communication. As web designers and developers, our primary goal is to help YOU best express your enterprise's message. Why spend tons of money on a website that doesn't appeal to your ideal customers or show them what you have to offer? We leverage WordPress's flexible, powerful tools to create the perfect website to achieve your goals. It's more than code or design. It's your digital gateway for business success!

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What Our Customers Say

We're proud to work with a variety of clients to help them scale up their businesses.

Angela Smithee

Howard is a pro. He is highly experienced with the ways of the web, meaning your problem will be solved quickly and affordably. Thank you, H Grant Designs! Seriously saved my day!

Vando Cardoso

H Grant Designs did a phenomenal job creating a website for my law firm. Howard was knowledgeable, attentive, and incredibly helpful during all stages of the process. He has a client for life. I think more businesses should have the client centric approach that they do. Howard, thank you.

Heather Gingrich

Howard knows his stuff when it comes to web design! He has endless ideas and is a great communicator. I would highly recommend him for any project. He will put in 100% and you'll be satisfied with the outcome.

WordPress Website Design in Lakewood, NJ

Let's Get Started

Whatever your WordPress needs entail, we're ready to deliver exceptional results. Here's how we work:

Number 1

Discovery / Consultation

We get to know you and your business. You may find some of our questions odd, but the answers will help us prepare the perfect WordPress strategy for you or your clients!

Number 2

Fully Customized Proposals

We prepare a WordPress services plan that best suits your needs. Whether you need premium plugins, white-label maintenance or design, general site support, complete design and branding, reliable backups, or emergency support (no more late-night panics!), we've got you covered.

Number 3

Your WordPress Solution, Activated!

With our hands-on, brand-sensitive approach, we make sure that your WordPress services fully meet your business's needs. Rely on us for maintenance, cybersecurity, optimization, responsive design, backup and restore, e-commerce, social integration, and absolutely everything else you need, WordPress-wise!

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