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Having a strong SEO strategy is vital to the success of your Bergen County website.

Extend Your Website Reach with Efficient Search Engine Optimization.

Our goal is to greatly improve the SEO of your website within months. Having a strong SEO strategy is vital to the success of your website, and we know how to bring all the moving parts together to attract a wider audience to your website.

Your website needs to stand out, especially in your market. Allow our skilled SEO professionals to help you build your future as a successful business owner.

On-Page SEO

The first step to making sure your website is performing at a high-quality level is to evaluate your existing website and then optimize attraction points. With our assistance, you can make sure you are not missing any SEO opportunities with your current content.

Website Content

Your website content should be able to attract and retain visitors to build your audience and customer base. With SEO content you can put your business in front of customers as their online searches take them to your website containing keywords. By having the right wording on your website, you can automatically attract the types of customers you want for your business.

Link Building

When other reputable websites are linking back to your website, it means your site is trusted. This advantage will greatly improve your search engine ranking. Google will rank your website higher based on the number of third party sources linked to it.

Our SEO Booster Process

The process of boosting your SEO performance entails a 5-7-month breakdown and buildup of all SEO aspects of your website.

Month 1: Onboarding

In the first month, our focus will be onboarding, where we become familiar with your website. We will evaluate by assessing on-page SEO, content marketing, and link back to determine what is work well and what needs refining. From our findings, we will provide a growth roadmap, showing how the continuation of our SEO process will enhance your online presence.

Month 2-4: Foundation & Content

The extensive optimization of your website takes place in months 2-4. Your website on-page SEO will be optimized, setting a solid foundation for growth. We will then draw in visitors with optimized blog posts or pages. Collaborating with you, we will determine what keywords will benefit your website and ultimately your business. We will create the right kind of content to attract your customers. To cover all areas of SEO, we will also work on your local SEO, including business listing such as Google My Google. Local searches yield great results for small businesses if they are found easily by customers.

Month 5-7: Authority

In the 5-7-month range, once your website is fully optimized and content marketing is running smoothly, we will work on authority by focusing on link building. By professionally creating 5-10 genuine links each month, we are able to encourage other sites to link back. At the end of the process, there will be 15-30 high-quality link backs, with no low-value or black-hat links created.

A 6-month growth assessment meeting will take place at the end of month seven to determine how successful the process was for your website. We will then decide what to focus on in the future as we evaluate your SEO performance.

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