The Print Club of New York

The Print Club of New York

The Print Club of New York engaged us to create a space where members can communicate with others on their website. After doing our research, we found that using BuddyPress was the best approach.

After accepting our proposal , we cloned their current existing website to our server. This allowed us to address the development and testing of the site. This approach was to avoid interrupting the live website.

Once the website was on the HGrant server, we did a plugin audit report to determine what could be removed. We removed six plugins, updated 10, and analyzed the remaining 20 plugins to determine their use. 

In addition to unknown software, we also created contact forms from the website as they never worked properly. 

After completing the analysis, HGrant Designs installed BuddyPress, Login Redirect, Custom Login, and Gravity Forms for an easier workflow. Gravity Forms connects to BuddyPress for event submissions that members could view online.

We reviewed the process and flow with a Zoom call and then closed the website back to the client servers. 

We increased both the ease with which members can communicate and the privacy of club content. Members will be able to join groups to communicate with each other. Upon signing into the site, they will also be able to see posted calendar events and any shared information upon website sign-in. 


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