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H Grant Designs provides a comprehensive list of IT services to satisfy the technology needs of your Bergen County business. Whether you need upgrades or full hardware replacements, we can provide high-level implementation and support. Serving the Bergen County, New Jersey area, we take pride in knowing each of our clients has a successful business infrastructure to expand upon during its development. We make it our top priority to create the best possible environment for the inevitable growth of your business. At H Grant Designs, we look forward to partnering with you to help you reach your business goals with reliable IT services.

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Hardware Upgrades

Our experienced information technology technicians will examine your hardware to determine what types of upgrades your system may need. This is vital in maintaining and increasing the power of your hardware. We will upgrade hard drives, video cards, and ram to make sure you have efficiently running computers and increased productivity. With hardware upgrades, you can have optimal performance from your current technology system.

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Hardware Replacement

Along with upgrades, we can also do a full replacement of broken parts like hard drives, cd drives, video cards, and ram. We provide strong parts capable of handling the ambitious needs of your business. An efficient technology infrastructure starts with the reliable hardware you need to be able to backup all your data safely without failure.

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Server Setups

Consider allowing us to handle the setup of a secure and reliable server for your business. You will be able to access and manage important files quicker and more efficiently with the use of your own company-specific server. And, you can provide extra security for your data and business operations. If you are in the Bergen County area, we at H Grant Designs are your go-to option for a successful server setup.

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Firewall Setups

You can rest easy with our effective firewall setup. Security is necessary for companies, especially as your small business continues to grow and expand. It is important to secure your data so you can eliminate outside threats that could cripple your data and progress. Let our skilled technicians protect your business from compromising situations and events, such as damaging computer viruses.

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PC Setups

We can do a full computer replacement and setup. If your computer is more than four years old, it is time to replace it. Your new computer will contain high-level equipment that you can trust, as we do. Our goal is to give our fellow small businesses in the Bergen County, New Jersey area the type of equipment we feel confident in using on a daily basis. We will consider how your current business operation runs and provided the right type of equipment designed for your business-specific needs. 

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Network Setups

Your small business runs efficiently on a reliably strong Wi-fi or internet connection. We can make sure your business is running smoothly without disruptions by providing technical assistance for your current network connection. We can also provide installation of a brand new network, one that will give you peace of mind while it works correctly without interruption. You and your employees will have shared resources and a secure workspace provided by our network setup.

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