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Helping Elizabeth, NJ businesses by building effective WordPress website designs and ongoing support plans.

Your WordPress website design for your Elizabeth NJ Business is potentially your target audience’s first impression of your business.

In the past, designing and maintaining a business website was difficult, requiring a few hundred hours of coding while still being frustrating to navigate for the company and its users alike. Today, however, there’s WordPress, used by millions across the globe to create and maintain great looking websites every day. WordPress places the power and aesthetic choices of website design back into companies’ hands, allowing them to make easy changes and updates whenever and however they want.

H Grant Design helps small businesses in the Elizabeth area develop customized websites, allowing them to expand their userbase and attract new customers with sleek and modern designs. We’ll provide a team of dedicated experts to help you create a bold, refreshing, effective website that will bolster your presence online and propel your business into the 21st century. Our process will help you expand online visibility and lead to stronger lead generation, increasing customer and retention, and establishing trust between you and your existing customer base.

Advantages to Choosing H Grant Designs

  • Your new website will be responsive to users’ needs, easy to navigate, and providing a feeling of comfort and ease no matter the desired function for any given user.

  • H Grant Designs will help you even after the website is complete. We can guide you through software updates and maintaining your website at all hours of the day. We can even guide you through the process to make whatever changes you want at any time to help your business evolve in to thrive in today’s competitive climate.

  • We can assure you that your website will be one of the fastest and most reliable in the business. Every page should load in less than two seconds time; if it doesn’t, we’ll be there to fine-tune and augment your website, so you never lose a customer because of a slow or underperforming site.

  • Many businesses today try to mindlessly imitate their competitors; this is a counterproductive strategy because a great website will be bold and unique, sticking in the minds of users and luring them back time and time again. H Grant Designs is well aware of the trends and popular features of modern websites and will give you the best, most user-friendly design while maintaining a unique aesthetic, combining the substance of a great, easy site with the style of one which will keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Great website design will lead intuitively to great content. Customers are always asking questions and searching online for answers, and our websites are designed to lead your customers to their preferred destinations on time, every time. Your content will flow neatly within your new website and allow customers to search for their specific needs, increasing SEO and sales.

  • All Grant H Design websites come equipped with Google Analytics, allowing your company to track consumer trends and research into the demographics they’re not reaching and can divert resources to. Google Analytics is another great tool to keep up with what your customers want and why they’re choosing your or your competitors over one another.

  • In addition to functionality, our business is built to maximize SEO by helping you through the keyword creation process. We’ll work with you to develop keywords customers are looking for and will teach you how to properly implement these keywords into your content.

  • Finally, H Grant Designs can help you generate more leads, reaching to segments of your client base you never thought possible. We’ll help you determine the best practices for your business and even help you create lead magnets to convert your potential shoppers into concrete, paying customers.

Our WordPress Website Design Approach

Step 1


Our first step is to take a look at what you’ve been doing and talk to you about why it isn’t working and what you want results you want to see from a new site or a refresh of an existing site.

These questions will help our designers start to understand your business and your goals so they can build a website that will exceed even your wildest dreams.

Step 2


Once we’ve met with you and asked you all of our questions and answered yours, we will sit down and map out your ideal website. We’ll estimate how long it will take to build, what we’ll need from you, and put it all together in a detailed quote. Once you’ve had a chance to look over the quote, we will be available to answer any more questions you have.

Step 3


Now that the quote has been approved, we get to work. We will build your new site using all of the latest technology to ensure optimum performance with a professional-quality style.

This is the stage where you will get to see how the site will look, what we have designed it to do, and much more. It’s an exciting time where the design is flexible and fluid.

Step 4


You get to see your site come to life as our expert team of designers get to work crafting the website of your dreams based on the plan we made together. This is the part everyone loves. From picking colors and fonts to designing logos and characters (if needed), this is the part of the process that everyone envisions when they think about building a new website.

Step 5


We will get their hands on your site to make sure it’s built properly. They comb over every last piece of code to ensure that there are no known bugs, glitches, or other problems come launch day. They click on every link and every button so they know that your site does exactly what your visitors expect it to. Your site is in their capable hands.


Step 6


Before you know it, it will be Launch Day. When your site is complete, we’ll sit down with you once again for a complete walkthrough to make sure everything is as it should be and there are no surprises. Then we turn the reigns over to you to enjoy the benefits of your brand new web presence. More and better leads. More subscribers. Higher brand recognition. And more!

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Union County consists of 21 distinct municipalities that are in close proximity to NYC and offer easy access to Newark Liberty International Airport.  With its great quality of life, excellent public schools, extensive transportation network, numerous parks and open spaces, Union County is a great place to live and work.

We strive to keep the municipal profile data as current as possible.  A majority of the demographic information is obtained from the U.S. Census American Community Survey (ACS)  – 5 Year Estimates.  The updated ACS information is typically released in the month of December for the preceding year (Year 2016 estimates were released December 7, 2017). 

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